Mar 20, 2011


Raining Mardi GrasImage by dsb nola via FlickrI haven't forgotten all of my wonderful friends here.  I have just been going into the office for the last week and will be doing so for at least another week.  Doing some new sales training which looks to be a wonderful thing.  Instead of trying to shoehorn customers into a cable/internet/phone package that best suits my needs in order to get paid, I will be getting paid for help them find a package that best suits their needs.  What a concept!

And the best thing of all, my customers are much happier which leads to less stress for myself.  I don't like to go into the office but this time it might all be worth it. 

Let's see other things that are going on in my life...

Tonight was our third monthly Pagan Potluck and the theme was Mardi Gras.  It was a lot of fun.  We had the same peeps that usually show up with one addition.  There is just such great energy when this group gets together and I love that fact that I am in a place where I am able to host them.

Speaking of a great home, tomorrow I am going to see a mortgage broker about getting a mortgage on this house.  Right now I am been renting it and want to know that it is ours.  I love this house!  Both my health and my hubby's have improved since moving in.  And my animals are so much happier.  I know that a lot of people wouldn't consider that but they are a very important part of my life.  Even Kharma, my Devil Dog has mellowed out since moving here.

Speaking of health... My hubby has been fighting with issues for about five years.  I have been saying that his problems are very similar to mine with my fibro but the doctors didn't want to hear that since the percentage of men that get fibro is very low.  Well he finally was able to see a doctor that diagnosed him with fibro.  At least we now know what is going on.

Well that's about it.  I will be able to take my laptop into work next week so I will try to keep in touch more.


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