Apr 1, 2011


A huge sigh of relief.  I am finally back to working from home.  That will make being able to save up for the new engine so much easier as I will just cook my own lunches rather then eating in the cafe.  Also I don't have to worry about juggling the one car that is currently running.

I don't think that I really appreciated just how much I enjoy working from a home office until I lost the option for a few weeks.  Working from home is just so much quieter.  What I missed the most will probably sound silly but I went into withdrawals because I had to deal with substandard tea.  The cafe does great for coffee drinkers with espresso and all those flavors but the only bagged teas.  Seems kinda trite but it really threw me off not being able to brew up my three to four pots of tea a day.

So what little thing that you do that you would really miss if you had to go without?


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