Apr 27, 2011

Not yet, not yet, Done

Everyone has things that they want to do before they die.  Some of us are even so organized that they have that list written down.  I unfortunately don't.  Perhaps if I did, I would be better at crossing things off of that list. 

Some of the things I want to do can be problematic as I love to travel but having all my animals can be an issue.  Especially as BeiJing can't be kenneled.  Some of them are just simple things that I have never got around to do.  

I finally did one of those simple things yesterday.  I have always wanted to go be sized for a bra since I have heard that most of us wear the totally wrong size.  So yesterday when I was in the Mall to pick up my Ipod, I also stopped by Victoria's Secret and had myself sized.  I was happy to know that I have been wearing the right size.

So are there any simple things on your bucket list that you could cross off this spring?


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