May 23, 2011

Ask and ye shall recieve

I have to admit that I am horrible about setting goals.  I tend to fly by the seat of my pants most times and it all works out.  For work however my supervisor had me set up goals including one personal goal.

My goal was to do some work on the house.  It does need to have the drywall finished in the basement and a few other things.  And less then a week after that, a friend called and asked if I had room for a friend of hers that lost his place in exchange for work about the house.

Things like that just make me go hmmmmm.  Perhaps the universe it telling me that I really need to set up more goals.

Oh and the pic is of one disgruntled Deja'.  He really hates having his picture taken.


  1. This is my first comment to you but I got the message that you had taken a fall The thing is when it is your tail bone you can't put it in a sling smiles do take care of you
    Be Blessed Sandy


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