May 27, 2011

Three Beautiful Things Part 4

Wow.  This week has certainly moved quickly.  I am not to sure about that in some ways but I can tell you that I am sure looking forward to Memorial Day weekend.  And here are my beautiful things for this week.

1. My husband.  I know that I list him a lot but things have been changing so much for the better.  He is becoming so much more comfortable in his own skin and it is really effecting our relationship in a positive manner.

2.  My muse.  She has come back and I am totally loving it!  I made two necklaces this week that I love.

3.  Our new roommate.  Dustin is very clever with his hands and he has really been fixing things up around here in exchange for rent.  He is also a very good fit for our household and having a male friend has been good for the hubby.


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