Jun 24, 2011

Beautiful Things

I am really trying to get back on schedule with my posting and this post is supposed to be done on Fridays so here it is.  Actually I have a friend that will yell at me if I don't post so I decided to avoid that fate.

1.  Father's Day.  I don't have a father so I have never celebrated it especially since I don't have kids.  But this year was special.  My husband for the first year since we have been together was actually contacted by his kids to wish him Happy Father's Day.  I am not quite sure how that happened but it made him very happy.

2.  Flowers...  I actually have some flowers blooming in my flower bed!

3.  Time alone.  I sure have become accustomed to having someone here all the time but it sure has given me a lot of time to play in my studio.


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