Jun 20, 2011

Playing with Wire

Yesterday was kinda strange because I pretty much had the house to myself with the exception of one of my roommates who is recovering from surgery and pretty much hides out in his room.  Saje was at work and Dustin was out playing on a car.  So it was pretty quiet here.  I have to admit that it was almost too quiet.  And that to me is really strange as I have always loved having a house to myself.  Makes me wonder if my hermit-like leanings need to be updated.

Having the house to myself was really nice in one way.  I was able to go down to my studio and play without guilt.  I know that it is silly but I kinda feel guilty if I am down there when Saje is home.  He says that it doesn't bother him but I know that he likes to have me around when we actually have time off together.  And lately his hours have been down so we spend a lot of time together.  So no guilt yesterday.

I went down just planning on playing with wire.  I now have another steel block and some heavier wire so I wanted to see about making up my own clasps.  Instead I ended up doing some more cleaning and organizing.  In my organizing, I found some cathedral beads that I had forgotten that I had.  So of course I had to use them.

I ended up making a bracelet and necklace set.  I couldn't believe just how easy it was either.  Now that I have my copper organized, it was a matter of finding a clasp and the rest just feel together.  I guess that I am definitely one that works better in an semi organized space.  I have beads all over my table but having the clasps and findings all in one place made it so much simpler.

Oh I soon should be able to add decent pics.  Or at least I hope.  I have become a project for a friend of mine who is determined that I get some items up in my Artfire shop so she has tasked Dustin to build me a light box and take some pics for me  (who knew that he would be so multi-purpose).  So let's see how that goes.

So how did you spend your Sunday?


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