Jun 3, 2011

Three Beautiful Things Part 5

One thing about holiday weekends is that they sure make the rest of the week pass quickly.  I can't believe that it is Friday already and time for another episode of Beautiful Things.

1.  Having the weekend to spend time with the husband.  We didn't make plans for this weekend but instead hung out together.  It was fantastic just to have that time.

2.  Sales.  I found a wonderful sale at Victoria Secret's for panties.  I picked up some and regret not picking up more.  I have had a horrible time lately finding panties that fit.  They all want to fall down.  I know too much information but this issue has been driving me insane.

3. My muse.  I have been fighting with her trying to get a necklace finished for a blog reveal tomorrow.  I was finally able to win the battle last night.  I just went down to my studio, plugged in an audio book and played.

So what beautiful things happened with you this last week?


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