Jun 11, 2011

Three Beautiful Things

Oops.  I totally forgot that yesterday was Friday.  Well not really forget as I did remember that today was Saturday but forgot as in there were things that I try to do on Fridays such as this post.  So I am a bit late but here it is.

1.  Last Saturday.  It was the first truly summer like day of the year.  It was up in the upper 70s.  We (myself and Saje) went over to a friend's house to work on editing his book and then we escaped and headed out to Pt. Defiance Park.  We stopped by the house first to grab BeiJing and went to the off leash dog park there.  It was fun and great way to spend time with Saje.

2.  The way that gift cards breed.  I ran into work on Thursday to pick up some gift cards that I had won.  There were supposed to be three $25 Visa cards there.  Instead for some reason, there were nine.  I think that I am always going to let them sit to see if they breed.

3.  Watching two gorgeous guys working together.  With those GCs, I went and picked up a patio set.  I then got to enjoy watching Saje and Dustin putting it together.  Rather nice eye-candy.  Too bad that it wasn't quite warm enough for them to strip off the shirts though.


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