Jun 18, 2011

Three Beautiful Things

Yeah I am running a day late again.  But this time it was intentional as one of my beautiful things happened last night.  Besides yesterday was busy what with sitting in doctor's offices with the husband.  His entire throat was swollen up and made it rather difficult to eat, talk and even breath.  We have him on some powerful antibiotics so hopefully that will clear up.

1.  My first beautiful thing is how much people are willing to help.  I have posted about helping out on a fund raiser for a friend so that she can get her daughter a service dog.  Well one thing she has been doing is setting up silent auctions.  I have another friend, Cassie, that just became licensed as a massage therapist so I asked her if she would donate a massage for the auction.  Cassie doesn't have insurance yet so wasn't able to do so.  Instead she offered to purchase a certificate to donate.  Now when she went to purchase it from one of her friends that had graduated, this friend instead donated it.  Isn't it beautiful how people are willing to contribute to a good cause.

2.  I was finally able to buy my new engine yesterday!  The roomie, Dustin, will have my baby up and going supposedly by next weekend.  Agreeing to take him in was one of the best decisions that we have made lately.  He is always willing to help out around here and is just plain enjoyable to have around.  Another case where trying to help someone out has worked out well.

3.  And for the last, one of the necklaces that I donated to the cause went up for silent auction last night.  The pearl one.  Someone that I had never met, who just happened to be a customer of the wine shop where the even was being held, fell in love with it and won it for $75.  I was estatic that it went for so much.  Really makes me feel that I am going the right direction with my jewelry.


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