Jul 21, 2011

Jumping for Joy!

I have the best roommate!  He started off as my mechanic and then ended up moving in.  Now he has always been great and has quickly become family.  Just today he is extra special because my Kia Sportage is now up and running. 

I managed to totally kill it back in May when I let it run out of oil.  I have to admit that it is all my fault for depending upon the idiot lights.  They sure played me for an idiot. 

This has been the first time since I was a teenager that I have gone without a car.  In the past if my car died I was immediately freaking out and finding another.  A car has always been more important then a house to me as you can live in your car if needed.  And I have before in the past.  This time I was calmer because we still had my husband's car.  But what a hassle having to share a vehicle.

But today my car is fixed!  It has a new motor and all.  Heck Dustin even cleaned it out for me!  He is the best.

Thank you Dustin!


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