Jul 17, 2011

Name Change??

When I first started designing jewelry, I set it up as a business with a license and all.  I haven't sold anything yet but I got in on the deal at Artfire where my rate is locked in forever.  But what I am finding as I develop my style is that the name I choose, ShaiCat Designs, just doesn't fit.  What that name bring to mind (at least to me) is playful and eclectic and while my style is eclectic I don't find that it is very playful.  In fact making a piece feel playful is hard work whereas the simple classic styles seem to flow.  I have found that I love knotting pearls and playing with chain to give you an idea of where my strengths are. 

So now I have to figure out a name that fits me and make sure that it isn't used elsewhere as I will have to purchase the domain name.  I figure that I won't be able to change the name on my Artfire shop but I could put up a banner with the new name and have a website pointing to my shop. 

But first and most important is that name.  Hopefully the author husband can help there but I thought that I would also ask you all.  In fact if someone comes up with a suggestion that I decide to go with then I will design a piece of jewelry just for you.  So please chime in and help me out.

Oh here are few pieces I have come up with recently.


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