Jul 13, 2011

Random Things

  • Hate weather that can't make up its mind whether it is July or October.
  • Can't seem to wake up today no matter how many cups of tea I drink
  • Just waiting for payday to get the parts to get my Sportage back up and going.
  • I hate being without my own car.  Juggling with the hubby is a pain in the arse.
  • Finally figured out what I am doing for the Art Bead's contest
  • I am excited because this will be my first contest.
  • I really hate it when our government is slimy enough that they arrest someone when they go in to pay on a ticket.
  • Boo is finally starting to get her figure back.  The little piglet found her way in the catfood and gained weight before we figured out what she was doing.
  • Still in shock that one of my roomies got pissy because I didn't cook dinner last night.  Since when did I become his cook.
  • Well off to work on that necklace.


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