Jul 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

  •  I just love cats of all varieties.  Their grace and elegance is amazing.
  • I really think that I like Nilgiri tea.  Tried for the first time today
  • It was an amazing summer day today.  Tomorrow will go back to cold and cloudy
  • BBQing sliced pork tenderloin for the first time.  Sure hope that it turns out.
  • Dustin spent all day working on my car.  Looks like I will have it back by this weekend!
  • Pretty much finished with the ritual for Deb.  Now I just have to do the choreographing.
  • Finally got my goodies from Panda Hall.  There are some Infinity pendants in there that I can hardly wait to play with.  Some with chain.  Some with kumihimo. 
  • Today was the day for packages!  All for me even.
  • Kharma is much happier now that we have partially shaved him.
  • I really need to get another camera now that Dustin has adopted mine.
  • Still waiting to find out what I have won.  Lots of possibilities one of which is a digital camera and another is a Motorola Xoom.
  • Boxed pasta dinners are great but I sure hate having to stand and stir for 12 minutes.
  • Podcasts are just the things to make that 12 minutes go faster.  I have become addicted to 19 Nocturne Avenue.


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