Aug 19, 2011


Newwandphto dpi 400 3''Image via WikipediaIt has been an unusual week.  I have had my stepson here since Saturday and it hasn't been a bad thing.  He has really grown up since I was pulling my hair out a few years ago.  Now onto things that have made me smile.

1.  I have been really lucky at work and won both a FlipCam and a Keurig Coffee system.  And of course my husband has adopted both of them.

2.  A girlfriend that I don't get to see a lot of is coming over tomorrow for our monthly potluck.

3.  There is much less tension in the house since the roommate that didn't get along with my husband has moved out. I didn't really realize just how bad it was until I didn't have to play peacemaker between them anymore


  1. Yeah, amazing how you can get so desensitized to stressful situations that you don't even realize how bad it was until it's over with and the weight is suddenly off your shoulders. I hope if you two choose to take on another room mate, it's someone you can both get along with as well as can be trusted and counted on to pay their share of things. Personally, I've never been the room mate kinda person and can't imagine sharing my space with someone >.<

    Congrats on your wins! sounds like you'd better start tracking down all those giveaways and contests with our fellow beaders and enter them all ! lol


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