Aug 2, 2011

Tea Time

Ever just sat around and had words just pop up in your mind?  I kept seeing the word serenity and then it morphed to tea time.  Though the fact that I am savoring a really fine Dong Ding oolong from American Tea Room might have had something to do with that.  And then I got to wondering just what kinda of...well... wonders that I can find.

So be prepared for a longer post as I show you what I find.

Is this just the cutest towel?  I wouldn't mind a couple of them.

Mishap's Odds and ends

Now I just love this.  I have the perfect place for it, right next to my china cabinet full of teapots

Capricious Arts
I am so in love with this teapot.  I just love the color and well it is a larger pot.  I tend to go thru a least a gallon of hot tea a day.


 I have to admit that I am attracted to steampunk but I still want it to be original.

I love these but I am not too sure how they would work in my home.  At any given time, I have between 20 to 70 different teas.  But perhaps for a friend...  And I just love the color.



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