Aug 7, 2011

Times Three

They say that everything comes in threes especially when we are talking bad news.  And ours hit last night.  I guess that I should really be glad that it waited until we got home before hitting because we were down in Portland at a Shiba Meetup and it would have been really bad to break down there. 

But as we got home, I discovered that our router is toast.  In a household where wireless rules, this really sucks.  I did manage to get on for a while last night but I was constantly asking my husband if we wanted on.   And I felt guilty about using it while he couldn't but he was pretty happy watching Dr. Who.  So was I for that matter.  Reading blogs and watching the Dr.  Any other Dr. Who fans?  Thank goodness for friends.  I am borrowing a router til payday.

Next we lost a cat.  I have a really strange cat that obeys curfews.   He stays in either our yard or the yard of the vacant house next door.  We have never really worried about him because he behaves those rules religiously.  Until last night.  When it was 8:00pm, I step out into the backyard and no Monster.  I called him and no Monster.  Deja' showed up and made very sure that I knew that he was home.  Went out and searched the neighborhood with no luck.  I ended up sleeping on the couch and waking up every couple hours to call him.  He finally made it home around 7 this morning.

And the last and hopefully final thing to blow up was the plumbing.  We got a clog between the house and the city's sewer pipes.  This house thankfully has a warranty on it but they couldn't get anyone out right away so my roommate (who does all the maintenance around here) decided to call a plumber and we will get reimbursed.  I haven't heard how that has gone yet.

Next comes the fun part.  There is a lot of water down there and it needs cleaned out.  I have to call my insurance company tomorrow and see if they will cover it.  I work down there and Dustin's room is down there along with my studio.  I can't have mold growing down there.  I have already had some nasty experiences with mold.  Not again thank you very much.

I would just like to really know who I pissed off this week....

 I would kust l


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