Sep 9, 2011

Beautiful Things

Not a bad week all in all.  Having a three three day weekend to start it all off really helps.  And the weather was good all week which is another bonus.

1.  Having such a great mail day yesterday really put a smile on my face.  Those beads are just gorgeous and what a great start to my collection of art beads.

2.  Having a swap partner that is becoming a friend.  Skye is just a great all around person.  You really should check out her blog, Creative Chaos.

3.  I think that I have started to figure out the new commission plan at work.  It has really been stressing me out as I am the main wage earner in our family and well my furkids demand to be fed.


  1. Your Earthenwood Studio beads arrived already? awesome :)

    We shall be waiting on the photos of your new masterpieces ;)

  2. Glad you had a good week Shaiha, hope you weekend is goes just as well.


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