Sep 30, 2011

Beautiful Things

Sorry that this post is a late tonight.  Next week is apt to be the same as I am working in the office the next couple weeks and well there isn't a plug for the laptop.  And of course, my battery really sux.  But there were definitely things that caused me to smile.  Though rewriting this is not one of them.  I actually wrote this up and emailed it to myself.  Well the mail demon must have been hungry.

1.  I upgraded my tea-maker and got a Breville.  That doesn't mean much to coffee drinker but it is the best tea-maker out there.  And the tea it makes is out of this world.

2.  The joy that I am greeted with by my animals always brings a smile to my face.  It is almost worth  working into the office this week.

3.  I found out today that I won a $100 gift card today from work.  I don't know where it is too yet.  It could be to Amazon, Target, Cheesecake Factory and several other businesses.  It really doesn't matter where it is too, I know that it will be used with a smile.


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