Sep 11, 2011

Promised Pics

A friend of mine is trying to get me to put up more pics of my jewelry.  There really is a reason that I don't.  I really suck at photography.  I am thinking that the next time the community college offers a class in that I had better take one.  That way at least I will know what the various settings do.

Well here goes nothing.  It really does look much better in person then what I am able to show.

 The artbeads that I added to the necklace were given to me by Sandi at Do Be Do Bead Do.

And next are the bonus beads that Laurel at Laurel Moon Jewelry and Beads. I did find out that these were also made by Melanie of Earthenwood Studios.


  1. Oooh Shaiha, that is a very pretty necklace. Love it!

  2. those are so pretty... I love the red and blue beads! Sandi is on my 'daily visit' list as well as being on my 'want to shop at' list lol

    I can give you two bits of advice about the photos you have here. First is to avoid using towels and carpets, or any material with a 'busy' grain or pattern. I learned the hard way that the fibers distract your eye from the jewelry just enough that it lessens the impact of the piece. I currently use a white blouse or pillow case, or a light tan scarf laid over a small pillow. Any design in the backdrop should be either light enough to not distract from the piece, or separated from the jewelry by a solid color over top.

    The second bit is to take a couple of the same photo, but play with your settings for each picture, especially the close up and distance features so you can get the feel of just how close or how far away the camera needs to be for each setting for the best picture.

    As soon as I'm done my coffee I'm getting to work on my mini photo studio. I'm going to post comparison shots of with and without as well as show my set up so for both. I think seeing it laid out like that would help lots of us 'photographically challenged' get a better idea on what we can do and what we shouldn't do lol :) I'll make sure to link you to the post when I'm done in case it helps give you some ideas


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