Oct 21, 2011

Beautiful Things

Festhalle, Leavenworth, Washington.Image via WikipediaI really had to think about what to post today as I have spent most of the last week or so hiding in a dark room from headaches.  Got to love the healing process when you are rear-ended.  But then I thought about it and I do have some things to be thankful for.

1.  My primary care physician was really concerned about the fact that I was still having headaches so he sent me to a neurologist to have me check over.  They also had me do a cat scan.  Apparently the accident left me blessed with migraines which will gradually disappear.  This is really good news considering what the other option might have been.

2.  Last Saturday my husband decided that I needed to get out for awhile so we took a drive up to Leavenworth WA.  I had been there before but it was years ago.  What was funny was that we had forgotten about Oktoberfest happening.  We weren't able to stay very long before the headache hit (and thank goodness that I had my sleep mask with me to block out the light) but it was really fun.  And I was able to have a real German dinner for the first time in years.

3.  Another thing that caused me to smile is something that is happening to a good friend of mine.  She is buying a house!  She had found a few houses that she liked but wasn't able to get financing for them as they were too close to another house that she owns.   You would think that she is trying to be a slum lord..please.  The other house she owns is the one that I live in and we are doing a rent to own while I improve my credit score.


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