Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween or Blessed Samhain

So does anyone have plans for the evening? Perhaps passing out candy to all the little witches and ghouls.  Watching some scary movies.  Attending a costume contest thought those might have all be on Saturday.

We didn't get any kids at my house last year so I will probably buy one bag of candy to pass out.  I will also be doing a private ritual to honor my ancestors and to welcome the New Year.

Whatever you may do, please be sure to do it safely.


  1. I hope you had a great night and are off a good start for your new year :)

    I dressed up as I do every year... not really knowing what will be the end result until I'm done :) Then I sat on the porch and enjoyed a lovely evening handing out candy to the kids :) Had a pretty good turn out this year. enough that I had one bag of fruit gummi's left over... although I would've been left with more if it hadn't been for one group of kids who grabbed handfuls rather then a couple pieces. Incredibly greedy, especially considering I was handing out for my neighbors as well, so they had three trays of goodies they were getting from >.< I let it go though since it was near the end or the treaters and I really didn't need to have the chocolate left over tormenting me ;) Not bad to have three rude and greedy kids out of 60 .. the rest were all well behaved and polite, even the teenagers. I was surprised at the number who chose the real fruit gummis over the chocolate ! Good thing I had more of those lol My plans for the rest of the night were to watch the live show with the Ghost hunters on syfy, but it the cams only worked for those in the States >.< total bummer. So I scrubbed the sugar skull makeup off my face and peeled out of the skull stockings and settled in to munch on pumpkin seeds and watch tv :)


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