Oct 29, 2011


Well I was a good girl and went into work yesterday.  I thought that starting back on a Friday was perfect as I could see how my headaches cooperated and then I would have the weekend off.  Smart thinking.  Except I found out when I had been there a bit that I needed a release to work from my doctor to come back to work.  Pretty silly as he had already given me paperwork stating that I was off until 10/28.  Oh well it isn't up to me to figure out corporations and why they work the way they do.

So I came home and ended up spending money on jewelry supplies.  Aren't those silk ribbons to die for.  I picked them up from Marsha Neal Studios.  She has some really gorgeous stuff.  I couldn't resist these as I want to incorporate more textures into my jewelry.  I picked up some sari silk but haven't figured out a way to use it that suits me.  These ribbons are a lot neater.  Should work better for me.

Why is it that I can't convince my dogs to bark at the right times.  Now mind you, they aren't really bad and DO NOT bark all the time.  That just wouldn't be acceptable.  But today they all went off twice,  Looked out the window and there was nothing there.  Not even a kid going down the street.  But when the mailman showed up, they totally missed him.  I want them to bark when someone is on the porch or by the cars. <sigh>

I plan on having a few posts go up today with some recipes for Samhain.  Now mind you, they won't be party foods but real food for the Sabbat.  Hopefully that won't offend anyone but I have never hidden the fact that I am a pagan.


  1. Why would it offend anyone? This is YOUR blog and YOUR place to express yourself. If anyone is offended by anything they come across on a blog... they can just go elsewhere- plenty of blogs out there too chose from ;) lol

    You know..I JUST realized I wasn't 'following' your blog?! I bookmarked it and visit everyday... but had never actually gotten around to clicking that little button until now :D hehehe

  2. Love the earthy tones of the silk ribbons. Your belief is your belief. I agree with what Skye said if one is offended they can go elsewhere.
    Glad you are feeling better.


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