Oct 5, 2011

Really Blowing It

Doctor's Office in Four Mile Old West TownImage by Photomatt28 via FlickrI feel as though I am totally blowing it here.  I promised that I would get up the picture of the necklace that I made for the Very Vintage Fall Challenge today but by the time I got home from the my massage therapist's and my doctor's office the day was gone and it was pouring rain.  Not very conducive to taking any pictures.  I am really going to have to get a light box since I have started to enjoy taking pictures of my jewelry.  And I have a few things that I need to get pics for so that I can show everyone.

On the accident front, I think that I will survive but it doesn't look like I will bounce back like I did in my twenties.  No broken bones but I am very sore and bruised up.  I have found that if I am sitting up very long in front of a computer that I am getting a headache and my fingers start to tingle.  Don't worry I have it documented at the doctor's office.  I am also going to take my massage therapist's advice and write down every ache and pain.  I guess that is in case I decide to sue.  I did last time and boy I wish that I had had that advice as it was from being rear-ended 10 years ago that I acquired my fibromyalgia.  And of course it reared its ugly head right after I settled.

Well I just wanted to keep everyone updated.  Now I think that I will go lay down with my ipod.  I am just addicted to audio books and lately I have been hooked also on audio drama.  There are some good ones out there but the ones I really enjoy are from Darker Projects.  If you get a chance check them out.


  1. Shaiha, Sorry to hear that you are in pain, but wilth time you feel better. I listen to audio books too I like to listen when I'm making my jewelry it is relaxing. I'm going to check out the audio dramas.


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