Nov 26, 2011

Beautiful Things

Well I am running kinda late on this episode of my beautiful things and I am sorry about that.  I will be so happy when I am able to work from home again as it will make posting so much easier.

1.  My Kindle Fire.  I just love it especially when it come to reading my blogs.  For some reason the interface on the tablet is a lot cleaner and easier to navigate then the one on my computer.

2.  Thanksgiving.  We had a houseful and the energy was wonderful.  Rather then the bickering you can get when you put a lot of biological relatives in one house for a day, my chosen family and their friends all get along wonderfully.

3. Spending time with my husband.  He hasn't been working since he is having issues with his feet that we are trying to get figured out.  So he has been home and it has been great to see him so much.


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