Nov 17, 2011

Book Review: Blood Rock

Dakota Frost is back, and the ink is about to hit the fan-again.

Graffiti comes to life in the dark heart of Atlanta's oldest cemetery, slaying one of the city's best loved vampires before the eyes of his friend Dakota Frost. Deadly magick is at work on the city's walls, challenging even the amazing power of Dakota's tattoos to contain it. The hungry, graffiti magick loves to kill, and the Edgeworld is no longer safe from its own kind.

Dakota begins a harrowing journey to save those she loves and to discover the truth behind the spreading graffiti-even if that truth offends the vampires, alienates the werekin and creates police suspicion of her every action.

Saving Atlanta may cost her everything, including custody of her "adopted" weretiger daughter, Cinnamon. But failure is not an option. If the graffiti isn't stopped, Cinnamon could be the next victim. 
BLOOD ROCK is book two in the Skin Dancer series featuring Dakota Frost.  She is an intriguing character with colorful language and a steel core of honor.  I do have to admit that Mr. Francis does an excellent job with all the characters with all their foibles and strengths.  And I am not one for overly descriptive writing as I prefer to have things left up to own imagination however he does such a great job describing the surroundings that I feel that I am in Atlanta.
I very much enjoyed BLOOD ROCK but it doesn't have that 'unable-to-put-downedness' that I found in the first book of the series.  This is a series that I plan on continuing and I am hoping that book three has that special something to it.

I feel that this book would appeal to those who are looking for a unique urban fantasy and I rate it a 3.75.


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