Nov 23, 2011


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Yeah I get that tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Yeah I get that I procrastinated on picking up things for the potluck tomorrow.  Kinda.  I did pick up a turkey on Sunday from Costco.  And I didn't really need that much as I am just doing up a turkey and ham (actually the husband is doing the turkey.  His first time so cross your fingers)  But did there really need to be signs on the freeway at 2:00 that there is heavy traffic for the next 25 miles.  Don't most people work on Wednesdays?  Sigh.

Okay rant over.  So what is everyone doing tomorrow for turkey day?  Us...well we are having a potluck.  I started the tradition last year and it has already grown with the regulars bringing others with them this year.  I wonder how many people next year.  The house will only hold about 20 comfortably.  We are up to 13 this year and last year it was only 7.

Now off to find a table so that there is some place to fit the food.


  1. I already had my turkey day :) Us Canucks celebrate back in mid October ;) Thanksgiving for me is going to my parents, usually taking a desert or some bread since I'm a baker by trade lol, then we hang out and eat too much and just enjoy each other. At some point, some of us at least, will manage to move enough to head outside for a walk around the nature trails my dad made through the back half of their property. Of course, we do the same for Christmas, New Years, Easter ... lol

    Hope you guys have a great time tomorrow :)


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