Nov 5, 2011

October Reader's Challenge

I am so sorry that I am running a day behind but as promised here is what I designed from the wonderful beads that Andrew Thornton sent out.  The kit contain beads from Sue Kennedy, Keith O'Connor, and RareEarth beads as well as a pewter skull from Green Girl Studios.

The mix was just gorgeous and I wanted to make a total departure from my usual necklaces so I choose to make a bracelet along with a pair of earrings.  The links and the noodle beads were from my own stash but I thought that they added well to the mix.

If you haven't checked out the wonderful designs that everyone else came up with be sure to do so.  Just stop by this page to get all the links.


  1. Shaiha, I really like your bracelet and earrings and you are right the noodle bead do add to the designs.

  2. I really, really love the bracelet. Excellent mixing of beads and textures!

  3. Love you designs!! Those are great bead caps:>D Perfect look with those beads!

  4. Very nice - I like the addition of the noodle beads - great job!

  5. Very lovely! I think something was in the water with everyone trying new things and departing from their usual styles. Nicely done! The noodle beads work great in the mix!


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