Dec 16, 2011

Beautiful Things

Yule Fire
Image by keltickelton via Flickr
I totally missed last week's post and almost missed today's.  I was actually planning on getting this one done up last night but Mr. 'I don't use a mouse with my laptop' stole my mouse for one of his games.  And I absolutely hate using that silly touchpad.  Mine is turned off for a reason.  Anyways, I am actually thinking about changing the date I do this post to Saturdays because it is too hard to do it on Fridays when I am stuck in the office.

Okay let's see...beautiful things...

1.  Went to the company party on Saturday and had a really good time.  The buffet is always fantastic especially the prime rib.  And it was a night out in a fancy ball room with the hubby.

2.  I finally have my studio organized and I managed to get some earrings made up for Yule gifts.  Now to make a bracelet and a necklace.  I am such a procrastinator.

3.  I was chosen for a special project at work that should be a lot of fun.  That will be starting sometime in January.  I am looking forward to it as I have been getting bored lately


  1. Jealous... you have a party in a fancy ballroom with prime rib ... I have a dance at the local Legion lol ;) We used to have a bigger party with dinner and gifts and everything but no one wanted to run it... so we changed to a chinese takeout buffet right at work to enjoy on our lunch breaks... then we out voted him and now we're having a party again... kinda lol It'll be fun anyhow. It's become a tradition that my mom comes up and we go together and that's been missing the past couple years. Tonight me and mom get a little dressed up and head out for a bit of fun :)

    and I still have jewelry gifts waiting to be finished and started on, so you're not the only procrastinator ;) lol


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