Dec 21, 2011

A Holiday Treat

Image by ginnylgorman via Flickr
Last night was a real treat.  One of my roommate's girlfriends is connected to the theater scene in Seattle and she invited us out to see a burlesque version of the Nutcracker.  And not only did I really enjoy myself but I was blown away by the talent of the performers and the costumes.  The dancers were all very talented and really thru themselves into their roles.  And the costumes were just yummy.  A few of them were ones that I wouldn't mind having myself.  Or I guess more accurately pieces of the costumes.

Apparently Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker is an annual show that is held at the Triple Door in Seattle and I know I plan on going back next year.  They only have a couple more shows this year that aren't yet sold out but they are after Christmas.   However they will be holding another show next year based on Alice in Wonderland.  I know that I plan on attending.


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