Dec 7, 2011


  • Studio update underway.  Walls were a dark grey.  This is so much brighter!
  • Had one of the most painful massages today.  So many muscles locked up.

  • Planned on relaxing but just got in four large boxes in today.  More storage for my studio.
  • Looking forward to organizing beads and gemmies by color.  Have 7 of those to fill.
  • Won a Nook Color from work.  That takes care of hubby's x-mas.  He wanted a little tablet puter.
  • Love Love Love my Kindle Fire.  So much easier to read blogs on it.
  • Wonder what to make for dinner.  Just got a food processor so might make up chicken pesto.
  • Haven't had a night out with the girls in a few years.  Was invited to go see a Burlesque Nutcracker on the 16th.  Should be a blast with the company and the show,.  Really looking forward to it.
  • So tired with the greyness.  The cold is bad enough but when you add in the grey skies.
  • Trying to build up enough ambition to type up a tea review.
  • Really enjoying the milk oolong from American Tea Room.
  • Won some gorgeous beads from Stillpointworks.  Her beads have a glow about them that I love.
  • Be sure to stop by Pretty Things.  Lori Anderson and some other artists are having a destash giveaway.  Click on the link for more info.
  • Skyrim is the bomb fur some reason playing it makes me dizzy.


  1. When I saw your name on the winners list I had to go see which ones you won and you definitely got one of the best bead wins :)Congrats :D

    And yes I know what you mean about the grey >.< I don;t know whether to be happy or not that there's white outside my window today... one one hand... it's not grey and it does brighten things up... on the other hand, it's cold, slippery and I have to walk in it >.< lol

    The studio is looking fabulous :)


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