Dec 11, 2011

This and That

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So how has everyone been doing?  I hope that you have had a great weekend.

Me I have been gradually working my way thru getting my beads organized.  I think that I did right on how many storage containers I ordered.  I will be able to get my collection under control and still have room to grow.  This is really important as I order thru a bulk buying group and the way that they ship has changed.  If I ordered them now I would be paying a lot more in shipping as this time around I received four large boxes and paid less then $10 in shipping.  Quite the bargain.

I just finished reading Hunger Games and I have to admit that I can see why it became a best seller.  That book is incredible.  I have already started reading Catching Fire which is book two in the series.  I was able to get both of them from Amazon Prime's Lending Library which is a great feature.  Unfortunately you can only get one book a month and I go thru more then one book.  I will have to check out our public library to see is I can find the 3rd book for download.

Went out last night to the company Christmas party.  I have to admit that they put on a good party and I did enjoy myself however I really wish that it was closer then Seattle.  I mean seriously who wants to drive 30 miles and then have to deal with the Seattle traffic around Christmas time.  It is a madhouse. 

I am kinda bummed out.  Last night was a lunar eclipse that I had wanted to see.  I put it in my Outlook and all.  However when I got home from the party I didn't jump on my computer.  Instead I headed down to my studio to organize.  Did anyone else manage to catch it?

In reading thru this post, it occurs to me that this could almost be a wordy beautiful things post as most of these things definitely brought a smile to my face.


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