Jan 15, 2012

Beautiful Things

It was suggested to me that since one of my goals this year is to improve my photography skills that I really should start showing off some of my pics.  Great idea!  This is one that I took of an outbuilding at the Seattle Center when I was there for the Northwest Tea Festival.  I just love the painting that was on it.  Now onto the things that made me smile.

  • I finished the training this last week.  I will now be selling cell phones for a carrier that I don't even use.  But it looks to be a lot of fun.  I really needed a change and this was a chance to get that change while not changing companies.  After all I really enjoy the company that I work for.
  • One of my on again off again roommates became engaged last weekend.  I am so excited for her.  The marriage itself won't take place until she gets out of college as she is attending school on VA plan.  Besides hopefully by then gay marriage will be legal in this state.
  • Our new kitty.  She is so tiny even though she is a polydactyl and they tend to be large.  Came with the name of Mungo which neither myself or the hubby cares for.  Have to wait to see what she names herself though.
I hope that everyone has a great week.  We are expecting snow here tonight which should prove to make it interesting to get to work on Monday.  Aw well.


  1. Oooh nice painting! Okay.. so are you going to use that photo as inspiration for some jewelry now? huh? huh? ;) lol

    And congrats to your roommate :) I hope legal wise things straighten out in time, but if not, they can always plan a little trip to a state that does allow it and do things there :) It may not 'mean' anything legally back home, but it'll mean everything to them. Plus.. then they can redo it for an anniversary whenever things DO get legalized for you there :D


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