Jan 22, 2012

Beautiful Things

Well I survived the Seattle snow storm of 2012.  My only regret is that I didn't get out and take some picture to share it with everyone.  But I am a warm weather creature so I spent most of my time hibernating.  Anyways I wanted to share a picture of bright colors and happy plants.  This pic was taken at the Seattle Center last October.  I just love the hot colors in it.  Almost enough to warm a person up.  So now onto the week's beautiful things.

  • I was lucky enough to be able to take some vacation during this snow storm;.  So for the most part I got to appreciate how pretty it was without worrying about getting stuck anywhere.  My SUV handles well in the snow but it is so light that it gets stuck easily.
  • My husband had to rescue our dogs on Tuesday.  Apparently the wind blew the door open and they were all outside.  So he went out in the snow to call them.  Barefoot.  Since then a toe on each foot started turning black.  This had happened late last year also and the doctors just blew him off.  This time around we went to a different doctor and we finally got a diagnosis.  He has Raynaud's Disease which can be easy to control once we get it back under control.  He just has to keep his feet warm.
  • Our new kitten is settling in well and is definitely a daddy's girl.  Now we just have to figure out a name for her.  She came with the name of Mangle which doesn't fit.  Besides since we already have a Monster, folks will start to wonder if we run a little house of kitty horror.


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