Jan 11, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

I am really going to try blogging more often this year and one of the ways that I am going to try to do that is to have a couple of weekly topics that I blog on.  On Wednesdays I want to feature Guilty Pleasures.  Now this topic could cover all kinds of things from a book that I couldn't resist buying to a dream vacation to a meal that I really enjoyed or how about a local place that I would like to check out.  You will never know that you will come across under this topic except for the fact that it will be pleasurable.

Today I wanted to feature a local business that I would love to have a closer acquaintance with.  Olympus Spa is a woman only day spa where they combine eastern philosophies with western relaxation techniques.  They have had rave reviews from several magazines and online review sites as well as personal recommendations from friends.  

They have several hot rooms where you can go, relax and soak up the properties from the crystals or the sands.  There are also soaking tubs of various temperatures to sooth aching muscles.   And let's not forget the massages, body scrubs or wraps. 

This has been a spa that I have always wanted to go to.  But I have to admit that I want to be greedy and get their Total Bliss package.  Unfortunately it isn't the budget at this time.


  1. oh that place sounds fabulous. Yeah I'm the same way, I keep wanting to go pamper myself with stuff like that but always come up with an excuse not to... usually money >.<

    As for a weekly topic to keep you posting, how about sharing one of your photos? That's one of your challenges to yourself this year, after all...so take at least one pic a week and post it and talk about it... what you like about it, what you don't, what you'll try differently next time . Doesn't have to be of your jewelry either, since you wanted to get to know your camera :)


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