Jan 20, 2012

Hot Tea Month

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This entire month is a holiday that I can really get behind, Hot Tea Month!  Of course I am personally I am pretty sure that every month is a month for hot teas.

Anyways to help celebrate this month I wanted to share some of the tea shops that are online that I frequent.  And these are in no particular order other then alphabetical.

  • American Tea Room  They carry a wide variety of teas that are always top drawer.  They do tend to be a more expensive then other vendors on some of their teas but I have found that when I want a special oolong for a treat this is where I go.
  • Butiki Teas  This is actually a vendor that I haven't ordered from as of yet however I have tried out some samples.  They carry the Kenyan Purple Teas as well as the Kenyan White Whisper which are all delicious.  I have to admit that the White Whisper is my new favorite white tea.
  • Canton Tea Co.  This is one that I don't order thru directly simply because they are in England but I do get their Mi Lan Dong Cong thru a local vendor that carries their stock.  An oolong to sit and savor and one that resteeps beautifully.
  • Life in Teacup  They are actually on holiday until January 27th but they are worth the wait.  This is one of my go to spots for excellent oolongs.
  • Norbu Tea Company This is the other vendor that I tend to get my oolongs from.  I have never been disappointed.
  • The Persimmon Tree  They are a newer addition to my list but they have the best coconut tea that I have ever had the pleasure of trying.  Also they always have free shipping no matter the size of your order which makes them really accessible.  And right now they are running a sale of 20% off all teas.
  • White August Tea Company  They have some interesting blends but what really keeps me coming back is that they have the best iced tea blends.  That only makes sense for a company based in Arizona.
Well that's it for my list.  If you try out any of these vendors let me know what you think.  Also if you have a vendor that you think that I should try be sure to let me know.


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