Jan 14, 2012


  • So glad the training is done.  All that cramming made my brain cramp.
  • Drinking a wonderful jasmine oolong.
  • So glad that I have my running about done.  Weather keeps going from sun to hail to snow.
  • I really need to write up some reviews on a couple books.
  • Have my studio done except for setting up a table for the light box.  Watch out there will be more jewelry pics.
  • Have a new cat.  I must get a pic of her to share.
  • Have the house to myself now so I can waste time playing with blogs before I go down to work on my contest entry for Art Bead Scene.
  • Wow.  Time is running out for that.
  • Kinda bummed out as I wasn't able to attend an art retreat here in Port Townsend due to financial reasons and then I find out that this was the last year :(  I really want to attend one as I haven't had the opportunity yet.
  • Crossing my fingers on whether I am selected in the Bead Soup lottery.
  • Had to share a pic of at least one of my cats.  This is Monster in daddy's arms getting scritches.


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