Feb 6, 2012

Book Review: The Last Beginning

Though she's always hated being a phoenix, Sadie has to admit immortality has its advantages. She's seen and done more in the last 150 years than she'd ever dreamed of, but she can't get past the fact that Osiris has done nothing but manipulate her and her fellow phoenixes.
Or that, when her last incarnation as a phoenix comes to a fiery end, the fire slowly begins to consume her body.
Sun god Osiris is ashamed of his role as ruler of the Underworld, but he unless he can figure out how to save Sadie, that's exactly where she's going to end up. Permanently. Terrified he's going to lose her, he takes her on a hunt for The Book of the Dead, which is the only way he knows he can save her-even if it means she'll hate him forever.

* * * * *

When I requested this book I didn't realize that it was the third in a series. That however shouldn't really have mattered as all books in a series should stand find on their own. I was rather confused at the beginning of this book as it assumed that I would know characters from the previous books.

I also found that the main characters could really stand to be fleshed out more. Yes I know that Osiris really wants Sadie but what else makes him tick. We are shown that Sadie is holding a grudge against him for both recent happenings and also things that happened 150 years ago but we are told that she isn't one to stay mad at someone for that long. I really need to know more about her to be able to understand why.

This isn't a bad story and it is a quick read. It's just that I feel that it has the promise to become a really good story with a few changes.  As it is I only rate it a 3.

**I received this book free thru NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. No money exchanged hands and all opinions are my own.


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