Mar 4, 2012

Beautiful Things

There are just some weeks where I do have to dig deeper for my beautiful things.  This week is one of them.  Having issues with an ex-roommate and work has messed up my yearly hours.  Oh well working on both.

  • Received an apology from our call center manager on Friday for the mess up on the paycheck.  We are still going to be getting the money late but the apology was nice.
  • I did some trading and am getting a really nice cabinet for my studio.  Probably a good thing since I signed up for a craft club where I will getting supplies for all kinds of crafts.  Will need somewhere to store them.
  • Started going thru the Bead Soup Blog Hop and some of those pieces are truly beautiful things.  Well worth checking out.  I didn't get selected to join in the fun this time around but I will join next time.


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