Mar 11, 2012

Beautiful Things

I love it when I don't have to dig to find some beautiful things to share.  The picture above is a beautiful things but it is one that I took last year at Snoqualmie Falls.

  • Thursday was just a gorgeous day.  It was up in the 60s so of course we had the windows open and I got to spend some time in it.
  • My paycheck was right!  This was enough to have me jumping for joy.  After the fiasco a couple weeks ago, I admit to being worried about it.  Now if only they can fix my FMLA at work.
  • My computer is starting to go out.  Luckily I have a computer guru who is working on it for me to keep it up and going.  That is truly a beautiful thing as I don't have the money to go get another one right now.


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