Mar 9, 2012


Houston, we have Sunset! - Explored 19th Octob...
Image by K3ntFIN via Flickr

I just love clouds and gorgeous sunrises.  And when they are combined then I feel as though I have hit a home run.  This particular picture really speaks to my muse.  Makes me want to rush down to my studio and try to bring those colors to life in a necklace.  I would definitely use copper to pay just to those clouds.  And beads perhaps a dark gray as a base and I have some lampies with that are just that color of blue that is peeking thru.  This photo really makes me wish that I knew how to enamel so that I could make a focal that would really do all the colors justice.

What causes your muse to sit up and dance?  What would you make that would speak to this picture?


  1. A multi strand, twisted necklace of seed beads; a few different shades of oranges, a couple different shades of dark greys,with a single strand each of soft yellow,white and blue.


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