Mar 24, 2012


  • It is an utterly gorgeous day.  If I had to go do some running around at least it was in the sun.
  • Kinda bummed.  I placed an order for a new computer last night after my IT type roomie said that what I was looking at was a good computer.  And then today she texted me saying she found a much better one for the same price.  Aw well.
  • I can't believe that I had almost a 1000 texts last month.
  • It's almost enough to convince me to buy an iPhone so that I can talk my texts.
  • Did I mention how I hate typing on my phone.
  • When we re-imaged my hard drive I acquired a lot of pics that aren't mine.  Not sure where they came from.  Gonna wait until I get the new computer though.
  • The pic above however is one of mine.  It was taken at Pt. Defiance Park and that is the Narrows Bridge.
  • I finished my necklace for the ABS monthly challenge but I don't want to d/l the pic onto my computer until... well after.
  • I am way ahead on my book reviews right now.  That's pretty much all I do at work right now.
  • House would be really quiet, just me and Saje, if it wasn't for his video games.  Doesn't the male of the species ever outgrow those?
  • My life is pretty boring.  The highlight of the weekend was mailing out packages and going shopping at Costco.
  • I love going to Costco because I always pick up one of their rotisserie chickens.
  • Told my husband that if he wants me to keep my hair long then he has to help dye it.  Listening to him today while he was doing so was very amusing.
  • Picked up some beads at Beatle Baby Glassworks.  Be sure to check out her sale this weekend.
  • Tomorrow is a day that I want to spend playing in my studio.  I have some colors running loose in my head.  Just not sure what I am going to do with them.


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