Mar 10, 2012

Things that make me go ooo

Since I didn't post a guilty pleasure this week I wanted to share one of my addictions and my new addition.  I am sure that no one is surprised that I have a bead addiction.  I mean who makes jewelry and doesn't.  Well this year I have also became addicted to art beads.  I try to pick up some each paycheck to build up my collection.  Well yesterday I picked up some more.

This first set is from an artist that I found by accident on Etsy.  The name of the shop is BeatleBabyGlassworks and just look at this gorgeous set. 

The other set that I picked up is from an artist that I have purchased from before.  Fantastic prices and interesting beads.  The artist is Blue Dish Beads.

On another note, I will be posting the winner of my Spring Fashionista giveaway later today.  I was going to do so yesterday but I got hit by a nasty migraine last night.


  1. OMg... thank you for that shop link to beetlebaby ..I love those sandpebble sets... but I may have to cave and use up a wee bit of my tax refund to get the escargot set as soon as my other orders get here!


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