Mar 18, 2012

Three Beautiful Things

Deutsch: Buntstifte, Farbstifte العربية: أقلام...
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 An interesting week.  Most of the week my home computer was down.  I could access email at work and my blogs on my Fire.  It was both frustrating and nice.  Well it would have been more nice if I had been feeling better but that is another story.  But on the whole I would say that it was a good week.

  • My computer works MUCH better.  And I was in luck.  I have a roommate who works on computers for a living.  She got me all set back up.  If you are local and need work on a computer, let me know.
  • The weather pattern has been nuts.  From warms days in the 60s to snow (that didn't stick) make for an interesting time.  And I might be nuts but I enjoyed it.  But be why I like that pic
  • I found the perfect hand for bracelets.  Now I just need to find a bust.


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