Apr 8, 2012

Beautiful Things

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They say the best laid plans of mice and men.   I was planning on getting up this morning and going to get my nails done before I attended  the Witch's Brew this morning.  But I woke up and continued reading Patricia Brigg's Fair Game. (Review will follow in a week or so)  And I finished it just as I needed to be at the Nail place.  But then again I remembered that it was Easter anyways.  Now onto beautiful things.

  1. They have started to let us go early if we want to because it is so dead in my division at work.  I took advantage of it a couple times last week.  
  2. Yesterday was just gorgeous!  I had some running around to do and loved the fact that I could do so with the windows down.
  3. My husband was down sick with the flu last week and finally felt able to do back to work yesterday.  I am so happy that he is feeling alive again.

Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates it!
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  1. Hi Shaiha,
    Glad you hubby is feeling more like his old self again. Have a wonderful day.


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