Apr 15, 2012

Beautiful things

Well since I wrote a post last night that kinda covered everything but the kitchen sink, I think that I will just list my beautiful things.  Especially since I can't seem to type to save my life today.

  • I feel like doing a happy dance.  We have our new computers at work.  No more waiting forever for a program to open.  Oh and dual monitors are just too convenient. 
  • My dog is laying here snoring so loudly that I had to stop to figure out what the noise was.  Oh this is just an extra aside.
  • I won some earrings from Valerie of Hot Fused Glass that are just gorgeous and so comfortable to wear.  I have a lot of issues with some earrings because the hole in my ears are so small.  These fit perfect and are so classy.  And Novica is such a great place to shop.  You get to almost meet the person that makes each item thru their bios.
  • On Wednesday, I received some goodies from my bead swap partner.  I really need to get some pictures taken so that I can show you.  Heck I have a few pics of some jewelry that I have made that I need to share with everyone.

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