Apr 29, 2012

Beautiful Things

Kitchen garden at Bolen residence
 (Photo credit: Gardening in a Minute)
I am actually doing this up Saturday night because I will be spending all day out at the Beltaine ritual.  I love the public rits but they sure tucker me out the next day and of course I have to work the next day.

1.  I have been on a plant kick.  I now have basil, rosemary, cilantro and one other herb planted out on my front porch.  I decided that since I get the best light out there that I will start a container garden there.  Working out at TERRA's Herb Garden on Earth Day really got me thinking green things.

2.  We now have propane in the BBQ and I just love the smile on my husband's face when he is out there using it.  It doesn't hurt that he makes the best grilled chicken either.

3.  Our anniversary is coming up in May so rather then picking up individual presents for each other, we decided to go put a BBQ on layaway.  Ours is getting older and well I love the grilled foods year around.
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