Apr 25, 2012

Review: A Perfect Storm

He never saw her coming…

Spencer Lark already knows too many secrets about Arizona Storm, including the nightmare she survived and her resulting trust issues. But in order to expose a smuggling ring—and continue avenging his own tragic past—the bounty hunter reluctantly agrees to make Arizona a decoy. Yet nothing has equipped him for her hypnotic blend of fragility and bravery, or for the protective instincts she stirs in him.

Arizona wants to reclaim her life, which means acting as bait to lure the enemy into a trap. Sure it's dangerous, especially with a partner as distractingly appealing as Spencer. But as their plan—and their chemistry—shifts into high gear, Arizona may discover there's an even greater risk in surrendering her heart to a hero…

* * * * * 

A PERFECT STORM is the fourth book in the Men Who Walk The Edge Of Honor series and I am assuming that it will be the last one.  I can't really see where another book would come from unless Chris gets his own book but we will see.  Overall this has been a rather good series and I do have to admit that this book in particular has been my favorite.

What really sets it apart is Arizona.  She has gone thru hell in the past being sold as a sex slave and then rescued.  That has really caused some scars that need to be reopened and healed.  Luckily she trusts Spencer enough to allow the healing process to start.  Some of the scenes between them were almost enough to bring tears to my eyes.  

Spencer has his own growing to do also.  He is an alpha male which automatically makes him protective of any female and even more so to one he cares for.  What he needs to understand is that Arizona is a warrior in her own right and to respect her ability to protect herself and others.

I think that what I appreciated most about this book was the hard look at human traffickers.  It is happening yet so many people want to sweep it under the rug.  Ms. Foster has presented it in a way that is palatable to her readers.  And the more folks that know about it, the closer we are to stopping it.  Kudos to Ms. Foster for presenting a clear look at this uncomfortable subject.

I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys romantic suspense.  I would rate this book a 3.4.

***I received this book at no charge for NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  No monies have or will exchange hands.


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