May 16, 2012

Art Bead Scene's May Challenge

I am so proud of myself.  I woke up this morning, caffeinated and then wandered down to my studio.

Remember this picture from yesterday?

I now have a gorgeous necklace to show that was inspired by this piece of art.
I will admit that I went downstairs thinking that all would be easy.  Well best laid plans of mice and men...

I ended up spending an hour or so moving things around, deciding on what findings and all to use.  
I did have the basics down.  I used the beautiful pistachio pearls that I picked up about a month ago.  And I did use art beads from from Beatle Baby Glassworks though not the ones that I had originally planned on.  The ones that I choose have so many of the colors from the painting.  I also used some vintage gold chain and gold plated pewter findings.

The findings along with a gorgeous vintage chain.


  1. Gorgeous Shay! I love the elegant look of your challenge necklace! Job well done dear friend!

  2. Beautiful! What a classy piece!

  3. I admired this before, but I'll do it again! It's worth it! :-) I love the colors, the pearls, the green scrolling beads, and the way it just all comes together, Shai!


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