May 13, 2012

Beautiful Things

The next few weeks are going to be strange as I am adding Sundays to my schedule so that I can catch back up on some bills.  That will be very nice.  I might even be able to pick up some gemmies.

  • It looks as though I am on step closer to working at home again.  I will be very very happy once that happens.  I love being able to work in my basement.
  • I made up a couple of necklaces for some five year old birthday girls.  Considering the fact that I have never been around kids, I was very happy with what I came up.  I just wish that I had thought to have gotten some pictures.
  • I went over to BBQ at one of our best friend's house.  One of the little girls is her daughter.  It was great seeing her family again though it was rather chaotic with a lot of people I didn't know and so many kids.
  • And I love PicMonkey!  It is so fun to play with their effects.  And so easy.  Just drag and drop.


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